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About Lough Boora Discovery Park

Spanning over rolling acres of raised Midlands bogland, Lough Boora is a park rich in cultural history, mythological significance, and natural beauty. In the past, the boglands that we now know as Lough Boora acted as a vitally important ancient Mesolithic settlement, offering food, shelter, and fuel to the local people of the time. In more recent times, the park was used to harvest peat, with over 1 million tonnes of peat harvested every year throughout the twentieth century, helping fuel homes and businesses throughout the locality.

Nowadays, Lough Boora’s natural beauty has been preserved by the efforts of Bord Na Mona and a number of Irish preservation groups, who have transformed this culturally and historically significant space into a beautiful wildlife reserve and amenity-filled refuge for visitors, also known as Bord na Mona’s Lough Boora Discovery Park.
From nature walks and cycles to family-friendly fairy trails, historical tours, and a plethora of cafes and restaurants, Lough Boora is now a place of refuge, relaxation, and intrigue for guests who visit from far and wide.

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Cycling Routes

 Perhaps we’re biased, but the best way to explore Lough Boora Discovery Park is on a bike. With plenty of cycle trails catering to all levels of cyclists, Lough Boora Discovery Park is the perfect place to cycle as an individual or family. Bring your own bike or rent one from Lough Boora Bike Rental for a fun, unique, and memorable day out guaranteed.

Wildlife & Nature

As a place of natural beauty and preservation, Lough Boora is the perfect spot for wildlife enthusiasts. With over 130 breeds of bird present at the park, including the endangered Wild Grey Partridge, why not sit back, relax, and prepare for an exciting wildlife watching experience? There are also a number of Stillwater lakes in the park for fishing enthusiasts to avail of.

Family-Friendly Activities

If you’re looking for a family-friendly day out like no other, Lough Boora Natural Park is a must. The park is designed to cater to kids of all ages, with easy walking and cycling routes, fairy trails, colourful artwork, and more dotted around the vicinity. With tours, treasure trails, picnics, and bike hire all available, too, you’re sure to plan the perfect day for all the family!

Walking Routes

There’s nothing like a long walk in nature to promote both physical and mental wellbeing! As a professionally preserved natural park, Lough Boora offers a wide range of walking trails for all levels of fitness, allowing you to see the park in its natural glory at your own pace in a way that suits you. Combine with a coffee from a local café for the perfect weekend activity!

Family Friendly activities

Family Day out In Lough Boora

3 Hours Bike Hire
2 Adults and 2 Kids Picnic

Total Cost €96

Couple Day Out in Lough Boora

3 hours of Bike Hire (Standard Bike)
2 Adults Picnic

Total Cost €53

Couple Day Out in Lough Boora

3 Hours with 2 E Bikes
2 adults Picnic

Total Cost €75

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